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Church Planting and Multiplication

Church planting

 Do you realize that your church is a church plant? It is easy to forget but every church that exists was planted at some point.

What if someone did not have the vision and passion to reach lost people in your community? Your church would not exist and the many lives changed over the years, maybe even decades, may not have happened.

In Northwest Ohio District we see planting new churches as normal as seeing people saved and baptized. And, if we plant more churches that is exactly what we will see!

Start praying now for a heart that breaks over lost and hurting people.
Start praying now for a vision of church multiplication that only God can make happen! Our God is a sending God and he is calling each of us in Northwest Ohio to send our people to expand His kingdom.

Ready to be a sending church, a church planter, or launch a new campus? Call or email Mark Coulter, Multiplication and Church Planting Coordinator of NWO, or District Superintendent Andy Monnin and we’ll start the discussion.


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Church Planting of Every Kind in Northwest Ohio

The church planting movement is about planting ALL KINDS of churches for ALL KINDS of people in ALL KINDS of places. Discover what kind of church you can plant that would reach the people God is breaking your heart for. Get Started. 

Pathway to Planting

Discover your pathway to planting. Change lives and the spiritual temperature of a community by becoming a sending church, a church planter, or launching a new campus. Get on the Pathway to Planting.

Church Planting Assessment

This 2-1/2-day assessment (November 7-9, 2024) is designed to evaluate future Church Planters & Campus Pastors’ readiness and capacity for launching new starts – either through church planting or through a multi-site approach (spouses of those being assessed are required to attend the assessment and participate in all activities but are not being assessed themselves). 

The cost of the assessment is covered for qualified candidates. Meals will be provided on-site for Friday (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and Saturday (breakfast and lunch). Hotel rooms will be provided Thursday and Friday Evenings.

To register fill out this Assessment Registration Form.  If you have questions or need help to register please Stacey Widney at

Dynamic Church Planting International

Dynamic Church Planting International ( DCPI ) is a non-profit, international church planting/training organization with a vision to train church leaders to plant 5 million churches. Evangelizing the world lies at the heart of the ministry of Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI). They offer online training tools and in-person training events. Visit the DCPI Website for more information and scheduled events. The Northwestern Ohio District has partnered with DCPI to reach communities within the district, and offers on-district training events on a regular basis. Watch our EVENTS page for more information.