Northwestern Ohio District Church Of The Nazarene

Our Mission


Our mission as a district is all about resourcing and inspiring local churches to build up leaders who will plant, revitalize and create all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.


Making Disciples and Developing Leaders

We believe that making disciples of Jesus starts with a person leading themselves well through strong spiritual habits, but progresses to leading someone through life on life spiritual mentoring and discipleship. Some will have the capacity, the gifting, and the call to lead teams and some will lead entire ministries through others. Discipleship isn’t complete until a leader is created who is leading at least one other person. 

Here are some of the leadership development paths we have

– The Course Of Study

– Local Ministry License

– District Ministry License

– Ordination

– School Of Leadership

– Pastoral Residencies 

– Being Sending Churches

– Church Planting Assessment