Northwestern Ohio District
Church of the Nazarene

Worship & Discipleship Reporting Policy/Procedure

The purpose of counting disciples in the local church is to measure the effectiveness of your effort to make Christlike disciples, thereby fulfilling the purpose of NDI. It is an important tool for evaluating and determining future changes and/or training opportunities.

Monthly reports are due a week and a half after the last Sunday of the month. Please submit this form according to the guidelines available for calculating weekend worship and discipleship averages.

Worship Attendance Average

Please use the following guidelines for calculating your weekend worship numbers. 

Note: Churches should indicate onsite and online attendance separately when reporting monthly worship attendance. 

Weekend Worship Onsite

This total should include the average number of people who attended your regular weekend services.

If you have multiple services, please count people once.

Weekend Worship Online

Please use the following guidelines for counting online attendance:

  • The user must remain connected at least 50% (or 30 minutes) of the streamed gathering or recorded content.
  • A team member should be available to serve as an online "greeter" and be able to engage those who are watching.
  • Provide an opportunity for viewers to fill out a virtual connection card for the purpose of engaging them in the life of your church.
  • Provide a way for people to respond to the service by sharing prayer requests or setting up a time to connect with a staff member in the following weeks.

Check the stats for each platform by the end of the weekend for each service you have. 

  • Church Online Platform: Peak concurrent number of devices x 2 = total viewers
  • Streaming Provider (embedded website platforms such as Total concurrent viewers during service times x 2 = total viewers
  • Facebook: Peak live views x 2 = total viewers
  • YouTube: Peak concurrent views x 2 = total viewers

Take the total number from each platform you offer to calculate your average weekend worship online attendance.

Keep in mind that we're trying to capture the number of people who watched and/or participated in a service online during your service times. Please do not report the numbers of those who watch/re-watch during the week.

Accountability Care List (ACL)

If individuals are included in your discipleship count, then they must be in your Accountability Care List.

This list can consist of any person who attends your church but is not currently attending a discipleship opportunity. It may be the catalyst that gets them involved in discipleship ministries.

This list could be seen as the total number of people you are currently ministering to. They may not all be active, but are within the ministry sphere of your church.

Discipleship Count Average

Please use the following guidelines for calculating your discipleship numbers. 

Note: Individuals should only be counted once per week. 

Sunday Morning Classes

Report the number of people you have attending discipleship classes (Sunday School) on Sunday morning.

Midweek Ministries

Report the number of people who attended your midweek ministries at the church.

Reminder: We only want to count disciples once per week, so if they attended a Sunday morning class, you should not include them in your midweek ministries count.

Small Groups

Report the number of people who attended your small group ministry.

Reminder: Please do not include individuals that were already counted in your Sunday morning classes or midweek ministries.


Report the number of people you have attending the following: Nursing Home/Healthcare Facility, Church-Type Missions, Nazarene Childcare/Schools (birth thru secondary), or a Bible study held offsite on a regular basis.

Please do not include those who attended Sunday Morning Classes, Midweek Ministries, or Small Groups.