First Day — December

A few years ago, our daughter, Jelayne, bought for me Craig Shirley’s 500 plus page book, “December 1941…31 Days that Changed America and Saved the World”.  It is broken into a day-by-day account of what was happening in the USA and the world during that month.

The first several days do discuss the war in Europe and the threats of the Japanese.  (The common notion of Japan attacking was a total surprise to Washington is not accurate. The surprise was not that the Japanese made an attack, it was that it was on Pearl Harbor.) However, the early days of the month also discuss what was occurring in the worlds of sports (The Giants, Packers, and Bears were the dominant teams that year), entertainment (the Andrews Sisters sold their 8 millionth record), and other government business (On December 2 “The Traffic Subcommittee of the U.S. House released a report on the state of automobile traffic in Washington.”)

Then came the 7th.   In President Franklin Roosevelt’s words, “…a date which shall live in infamy.”  On the evening of December 7, the Prime Minister of Japan,Hideki Tojo went on state and told the Japanese people, ‘I hereby promise you that Japan will win the final victory’ and then reminded them that in 2,600 years, they had never lost a war.” (p.150)

Today is December 6.  For most Americans life went on as usual.  There was some buzz about the wars in Europe and Asia, but it was just talk.  Now here we are in Advent, again.  We recall the first advent (coming) of Jesus.  We similarly (or should) be speaking during this season of his second advent.  Sometimes it seems we talk about it, but seldom really think, “It could be today…. or tomorrow.”

But someday that day will be “the day” …the day that really will change all of creation forever. 

What a day that will be!

Make ready the way….

The King is coming….

Maybe today.