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First Day – August 2016

Dear friends, In recent months, we have been rolling out A NEW NWO. Included in this “new” is a shift in our organizational system, in which we will be “network coordinated.” In simple form, our district will be divided into seven regions, led by teams of pastors. These networks will

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First Day – July 2016

Dear friends, This morning, after my “walk-run,” I sat down on a picnic table in the shelter house for some “quiet time.” Part of it was easily reflective – there’s the snack shack, where ice cream was in great demand during The Gathering. There’s the table, where Dr. Jim Diehl

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First Day – June 2016

Welcome to the new NWO website. This is just one more piece in our NEW NWO .   On the first day of each month I will be writing on this page. With all of my creative juices flowing I thought I would call such, “First Day”. The purpose of

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