Northwestern Ohio District Church Of The Nazarene

February 2018

Feb 1, 2018

Dear friends … Today begins “Love Month.” It will reach its climax on the 14th, whereupon at the end of the day card writers and flower vendors will smile all the way to the bank for their services rendered and rewarded.

Please do not interpret the previous sentence as cynicism. I am grateful to them for their assistance. However, in this technological age, there should be a better way of expressing one’s feelings as opposed to sorting through “anything and everything” in the card racks, trying to find just “the right one.”

Last month I was listening in the Jeep to the Catholic Channel’s broadcast of the Right to Life rally and march in Washington, D.C. The theme for this year was “Love Saves Lives.” Thousands had gathered. Both the broadcaster and later a personal friend of mine commented that what surprised them more than anything else was the number of young adults participating and the happiness of those involved in the rally.

This annual event is commonly described by many as being conducted by “anti-abortion protesters.” However, those participating describe themselves as “pro-life.” I suppose to be for almost anything we must simultaneously be against the opposite. How we become more widely perceived is often a matter of emphasis and tone. I know some people who are more “against” than they are “for.” If you don’t believe it, sign up for Facebook. For example, I think some people would really miss it if suddenly that other political party was no more. Who would they have to be “against”?

I hope to be more known by what I am “for” than what I am “against.” More so, I hope and pray I am “for” the things that God is “for.” I remember Abraham Lincoln’s words: “The issue is not if God is on our side, but that we are on His side.” Just as much, I want to be “for” the Spirit of Christ Himself and that “God is Love.”  So, I encourage us: “lead with love.”

“And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love; yes they’ll know we are Christians by our love.”

Geoff Kunselman