Church Revitalization

Network Churches

Those who join one of our three networks will be able to multiply their limited resources to grow, get what they need to be more effective in their mission, and multiply the work of the team and staff they do have.

Each network is led by a strong, thriving church in our district that is effective, has resources to share, and is willing to pour out what they have been given. The churches in the network will be standalone, self-managed churches that align themselves with the Network Lead Church (The Valley Church, Napoleon, Lima Community) so they can go farther faster.


Each network church will have access to…

COACHING – coaching sessions/peer group time every other week with the network leader / DS
CONTENT – sermons, graphics, videos, and discipleship tools
SYSTEMS – people systems, software solutions, and proven ways to do things with excellence, saving time and energy, while increasing effectiveness

The key principles that drive our networks:

COACHING and PEER GROUPS allow everyone to go further faster
SHARED RESOURCES multiply our effectiveness

Our mission is too important to go it alone so let’s go together!
Ready for your church to join a network and move forward?
Call or email Andy Monnin at 937-570-3591 | to get started. 


Revitalizing Churches

This is for churches that are stuck and want help to move forward in their mission of making disciples.

Our coaching team will come alongside the leadership team of your local church and help you discover what is keeping you stuck and help determine how to best move forward again.

The four-step process

1. Help the leader gain better awareness of their own gift mix and strengths and understand their own superpower and where they need complimentary gifting

2. Assess the church’s effectiveness and health in key areas

3. Create a Mission Action Plan to move the church forward over the next 12 months

4. On-going coaching to help execute the plan and peer learning/encouragement as part of a cohort group.

Call or email Andy Monnin at 937-570-3591 / to start getting unstuck and on mission!